Training Cancellation

You are able to cancel bookings up to 5 days before the training session.

To cancel the booking, simply click on the session you are looking to cancel.

Click the "already registered" button and it will take you to your booking.

The "cancel registration" button is located on the right hand side of the screen as per the screen grab below.  Once clicked, your registration will be cancelled and the associated invoice will be voided.

Cancellation by Ski MK

Cancellation of training sessions by Ski MK Race Team will be announced on the website, as soon as any reasons are known. Whilst every effort will be made to advise racers of the cancellation, Ski MK Race Team cannot be held responsible for any costs incurred by racers or anyone associated with them as a result of cancellation.

Where possible, coaching and slope fees will be carried forward to subsequent sessions.

If race training is cancelled on the day of actual training through actions beyond the control of Ski MK Race Team, Xscape or Snozone then refunds of coaching fees may not be available.

Cancellation by racer
Cancellation by the member prior to the appropriate deadline can be undertaken by the racer through this website, and pre deadline cancellations will refund your SMK account with the coaching fee (We can not be held responsible for any Snozone slope costs where the training session is cancelled).

Cancellation by the member after the booking deadline for the session unfortunately will not be subject to a refund as coaches will be allocated to session numbers and potential filling of the cancelled place may not be an option at short notice.  We would welcome your notice that the you will not be able to attend, e-mailed to at the earliest opportunity.  (We can not be held responsible for any Snozone slope costs where the training session is cancelled).  In various circumstances the SMK Committee may refund by discretion.

Tuesday training – deadline is midnight on the previous Tuesday prior to session

Sunday training – deadline is midnight on the previous Sunday prior to session

Refund Policy
Should the member cancel their training session before the deadlines, the training session fee will be refunded to your SMK account.

Cancellation after the booking deadlines unfortunately will incur the loss of the whole training session fee as we have to arrange coaches to suit the numbers booked into sessions at the deadline dates.

(We can not be held responsible for any Snozone slope costs where the training session is cancelled by the member.)

Resolution Of Disputes
In the event of any dispute between officers of the club and any member of the club in respect of this or any other procedures, the club committee will appoint three committee members to investigate the issues.  Please email any issues to or

If the matter is still in dispute after this decision has been made then a written appeal can be made to the Chair of Ski MK Race Team whose decision will be final. Please email

Please remember SMK is a club run by volunteers so to help the club run smoothly we do need to include such conditions and deadlines to help the efficient management of the club.

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