Ski MK Race Team Internal Race Series

During the Winter Months SMK run Member only races, generally one per month from October until March in place of the Sunday and Tuesday training sessions (space and slope conditions permitting).

The philosophy behind the series is to make the series a fun and learning experience for all members especially the newer and less experienced racers and encourage all members to enter races.  Race events can be both daunting and confusing, and come with a myriad of protocols and the Race Series helps Racers understand the Rules and race day process in their home slope environment.  For experienced Racers the Race Series provides ability to hone race skills and provide a benchmark for those Racers developing their skills.  

Overall the SMK Committees' aim is to make the Race Series FUN, EDUCATIONAL, a chance to RACE in familiar surroundings and to learn Race Protocol and Rules away from the pressurised race environment.

The races are open to all SMK members (limited to circa 80 racers per race session on a first come first booked basis).  We have increased numbers to 80 and will cap at 80.  A waiting list will be in operation and racers added from the waiting list to the race once a racer removes themselves from the entry.  Please add yourself to the waiting list once the Race is full.  The Waiting List provides details of order of wait list entry and racers will be added in the order of entry onto the Waiting List.

Each session will be run as an indoor race with a published time schedule that has to be adhered to, open practice, Inspection and racing.  Where possible and subject to space, conditions and time, we will endeavour to set two courses, with priority given to Gates courses.  Where a course is reset at least one inspection will be provided.

Coaches will be assisting on all areas of the race, ie. what to do on inspection, what you are NOT to do! Learning how to inspect from the side as you often have to Sliding in and out of the line.

Ideally, there will be two courses and two runs and will may flip run two in to a top 15/10 times as appropriate so that people get used to BIBO and protocol as they would face at a race event.  Although due to time constraints and busy slopes we may run in continual bib order.

It will also help athletes to understand what to do if you are impeded and how to asked for re-run requests.

We will also look to train parents on the basics of how to marshal and how courses work so they understand how combinations can be skied so that they flag correctly.

We will also look to have group coaches on inspection and putting the athlete in the gate with a small ramp we will get built-again to understand and learn to prepare them for alpine and indoor racing.

Other Information and Rule Changes :

SMK Timing will be used for the race and this will be the official timing.  Where possible we will used ERSA Live Timing website but all times and positions detailed on the website are provisional.

We will require Parents to volunteer and assist on the slope in various roles and for those following the SSE Officials Levels this experience will assist.  Where Parents volunteer to assist, they will fall under the Snowsport England 3rd Party Insurance provisions as detailed on

All age categories are eligible to enter the race within their correct age groups, irrespective of the age groups in which they may train.

This internal race will replace the normal club training session.

The majority of the races will be in the Slalom (U12 and below on Stubbies, U14 and above on Full Gates) although this may be amended where necessary due to slope conditions.

Bookings for the first three races will be released in one block, then following the completion of the next race the next race booking will be open.  All racers are required to book onto and pay for the relevant SMK race session, and must also purchase the appropriate Snozone slope pass for the duration of the race.

Race Result Calculation:

To encourage course completion, we will used the times from the first run on each separate course set, but where a single course is used during the race, only Run 1 and Run 2 time will be used.  These runs will be classified as Qualifying Runs.  

Due to slope conditions and space, we may use the same Stubbies Course (U12 and younger) for all runs - with only Run 1 and Run 2 to count as Qualifying Runs.  For Gate Courses (U14 and older) the first run on the first two separate Gate Courses will be classified as Qualifying Runs.  Qualifying Runs may / will differ between Stubbies and Gates Courses. 

Race Age Group Results - We will publish individual Race Age Group Results for Female and Male at all age groups, based on combined times from the two Qualifying Runs for U8, U10, U12, U14, U16, U18, U21 and Adults - based on the Age Groups for the relevant period of the races as detailed on

Race Fastest Time / Overall Results - We will publish individual Race Fastest Time / Overall Results for Female and Male at all age groups, based on combined times from the two Qualifying Runs for racers racing on Stubbies and Gates (U12 and younger will race on Stubbies and U14 and older will race on Gates).

All age groups are based on year of birth. The FIS competition year starts on July 1st, but British artificial slope (BARTS) competitions move the start date back to the beginning of the artificial race season. Age groups thus change for artificial slope races first, followed by snow races.

During the SMK Internal Race Series, the age groups will not change from the position as at the start of the Series, even if several races are completed after the British Artificial Age Group adjustments.  

Series Results Calculations:

Series Age Group Results will be based on the Race Age Group Results from Races held within the the Series within their age group, and where draws in the final podium positions occur other results in the Series will be taken into account.  In a change to previous years, and to acknowledge individual races podium positions, Points are allocated as follows: 1st = 10, 2nd = 8, 3rd = 6, 4th = 5, 5th = 4, 6th = 3, 7th = 2, 8th = 1, sub 8th = 0 

Series Fastest Time / Overall Results (Overall Girls and Boys Stubbies and Overall Female and Male Gates) results will be based on the Fastest Runs Results from Races held within the Series : Girls and Boys Stubbies and Female and Male Gates, based on the best four Race Results and where draws in the final podium positions occur other results in the Series will be taken into account.  Points are allocated as follows: 1st = 10, 2nd = 8, 3rd = 6, 4th = 5, 5th = 4, 6th = 3, 7th = 2, 8th = 1, sub 8th = 0 

Race Rules: 

The Jury will attempt to run all SMK Internal Races in accordance with the BCR - Artificial Competition Rules ( however it must be noted that slope and time constraints will impose on these Rules and any changes will be made in the spirit of the Rules where possible whilst following the philosophy of the Series as listed above.

The BCR - Artificial Competition Rules are amended in line with the above Rule Changes.

Any disputes will dealt with by a Jury formed by the SMK Chairman, the Head Coach or Coach Representative who was in attendance at the Race and a third person chosen from the SMK Committee. To Appeal, you must lodge any appeals to the Chairman or Chief of Timing during the individual race.  The decision of the Jury will be final.

Using the SMK Internal Race Series for GCSE and A'Level Purposes:

GCSE and A' Level Candidates - Please note that SMK cannot guarantee that these races will be accepted by the candidates relevant Exam Board.  It is the Racers' responsibility to check with their Exam Board prior to relying on the SMK Internal Race Series as proof of Race Entry and Results.   This is due to the fact that the purpose of the SMK Internal Races is to make the series a fun learning experience for all members especially the newer and less experienced racers and encourage all members to enter races.  The races are not externally officiated by Snowsport England, GB Snowsports or overseen by an appointed Technical Director.  Races will be run by the Jury as close to the BACR - Artificial Competition Rules as possible bearing in mind the slope time constraints and rule amendments listed hereon.

GCSE and A' Level Candidates - On Slope Video of Races - Written approval from Snozone, Milton Keynes must be obtained by the Racer where a Parent or Guardian will be physically located on the snow to take a video the race.  This approval has to be provided to the Jury at least 7 days prior to the race date.  In all occasions any person with approval to video must contact the Chief of Timing during Bib Issue where they will be briefed for Health & Safety purposes such as where to stand and they will be provided with a SMK Hi-Viz Jacket for use on the slope.  It should be noted that whilst we will endeavour to ensure that the Person approved to enter the slope to video are in a safe location, Ski Racing is a dangerous activity and you do so at your own risk.

Race Rule Guide

A Racers Rule Guide is available to explain race rules and procedures, download a copy here

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