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Ski Race Calendar

The main source for Alpine, Indoor Summer and Dryslope Summer Races is  All race organisers are encouraged to place their races on

This website is now the main portal to find out what races are being held, where and when, and more importantly where to find the Race Invitation (which lists the race details and any potential entry requirements) and also how to enter.  

We encourage all our members who wish to race to join membership of their Home Nation Governing Body (SE, SSW or SSS) to allow each racer to have a Race Entry Number (U14+ will be able to track their Seed Race Point and improve start position) and to help with confirmation of Third Party Race Insurance (as provided through membership of Home Nations).

To enter a GBR, Championship or Club National, where seed points are calculated based on finish position, racers U14+ must be a registered Competitive Athlete Member with their Home Nation Governing Body annually.  Membership of SMK provides a £10.00 discount off the Competitive Athlete Membership.

ERSA (Eastern Region Snowsports Association) run a Summer League Series on Snow and Dry Slope which is a great way to start racing.

The list below is a list of Alpine and Indoor and ERSA Outdoor Races. The level of the races available vary with some better suited to first time racers than others, if you would like any further information or advice on which races to enter please don't hesitate to speak to a committee member or coach for further advice. - for details on nearly all races held (alpine, indoor, outdoor Plus race details) - for details on races held in Scotland  - for details on races held in the Eastern Region including the Team Evolution ERSA Summer League Series

If you need any help or advice on races, race entry, etc, please contact any member of the SMK Committee who will be able to assist.

Alpine Races 

2020 see 

Artificial Indoor & Outdoor Races 

Indoor & Outdoor Artificial Races this coming Summer 2020 season - for exact dates and times please visit 

Other Outdoor Club National Races & Regional Races

There are several Club Nationals arranged by the Pendle Ski Club, Gloucester Ski Club, Ravens Ski Club, Bromley Ski Club, Norfolk Ski Club, Vikings Ski Club, Midlands Ski Club, Southampton Ski Club – please check the clubs website for details.

List of Races To Be Held in the ERSA (Eastern Region)

Team Evolution ERSA Summer League Series 2020 & ERSA Championships 2020


Club Nationals & GBR & Other Races in ERSA Region 2020

The above is not an exhaustive list and all details are subject to change and the above is prepared to provide initial pointers for information to SMK members and up to date can be located at and

For details on the Seeding Systems (BASS - British Alpine Seeding System, iBARTS - Indoor British ARTificial Seeding and oBARTS - Outdoor British ARTificial Seeding) - visit

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