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Membership to Ski MK Race team is based upon ability and all potential members are required to undertake an assessment which take place on the 1st Sunday of every month.  Please do not view this as a 'daunting test of skiing ability' but more a 'friendly taster session' so we can view your current skill level. 

Before booking any assessment or training session, SMK Race Team requires a Membership Application to be completed.  This is an Insurance and Snowsport England requirement.

Our application system uses email addresses as the user identification. Therefore each website user needs to register under a unique email address.

Once a child / adult has been accepted to the club, parents will also find it essential to have their own website login so that they can access information about races etc, and post questions under their own name.  If you are a parent applying for membership for a child, please avoid using your own primary e-mail address for this as you will subsequently want to use this address to register yourself as a Forum Member. Please use your child's e-mail address when you first register them. If your child does not have an e-mail address, you can set one up either with your existing provider or a new hotmail etc account or, if preferred, use another e-mail address that you may already have which perhaps you currently use as your secondary account.

You will receive e-mail messages to whatever e-mail account you have used for registration and so please ensure that this e-mail inbox is monitored.

Should you require help with any of this, please use the 'Contact Us' option, or email

Assessment Registration
This is purely for booking your first session with the club. Please do not view this as a 'daunting test of skiing ability' but more a 'friendly taster session'.   Should you subsequently wish to join the club after a successful assessment, this registration can be upgraded to a membership.  

Regular Member

The cost of Regular membership is £50.00 per year starting November 1st. (Early renewal and family discounts are offered during the year).  This level of membership provides Coaching Fees for a 2 hour session at £10.00.  To qualify for regular membership it is necessary to list SMK as one of your two clubs with Snowsport England, Scotland or Wales.  

In addition Slope Pass fees are paid direct to Snozone and Snozone Members receive a SMK 2 hour training session slope pass for the price of £18.99 (2019 rates).  Non-Snozone Members 2 hour training session slope pass are £31.99 (2019 rates).  All slope fees must be paid in advance to Snozone and Slope Passes are available from the Snozone Main Desk and slope passes must be worn and visible at all times.

Forum Member
The Forum Membership is free and allows access to the Club Forum.  It is designed for non-members (normally parents of child members) to engage with the club via its website.  This will not allow access to the booking system.  Applications for Forum Membership will only be considered where you have a member within your family.

Please note that the application 'form' asks for the 'Racer Name'.  As you are a parent applying for this Forum Membership, please put your name here and not your child's name.  

A parent who wishes to book training sessions for their child, will login under the child's name.  A parent who wants to post something on the Club Forum, will login under their own name.

Membership fees are non-refundable.

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