From 6th APRIL 2018 For Summer 2018 and Winter 2018/2019 Seasons

Aligning with FIS Alpines Ski Rules and the corresponding GBR age groups changes - age groups for Summer 2018 training and racing change after the completion of the British Championships held in April.  

FIS competition years start on July 1st and refer to the year of birth. British snow (BASS) competitions follow FIS dates.

British artificial slope (BARTS) competitions also follow FIS, but move the start date back to the beginning of the artificial race season.

The club has now updated the booking system so trainees can book into the correct age group. 

Please see the updated categories below with years of birth and book into the correct session.

This changeover requires  a significant amount of admin on the website and will have an impact on the booking whilst the update is carried out so please email if you need any advice.

 New Name   Old Name  Year of Birth  MK Training Session to book
 U10  Mini 1  2009 or younger  U10 Training (Sunday) or
 U10/U12 Combined (Tuesday)
 U12  Mini 2  2007 and 2008  U12 Training (Sunday) or
 U10/U12 Combined (Tuesday)
 U14  Children 1  2005 and 2006  U14/16 Training
 U16  Children 2   2003 and 2004  U14/16 Training
 U18  Junior 1  2001 and 2002  U18/21 Training
 U21  Junior 2  1998, 1999 and 2000  U18/21 Training

 Adult  1997 and earlier

 1989 to 1997
 Adult Training


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